Body Intelligence

Book Title Body Intelligence
Publishing house BEYOBD WORD
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2015
Number of pages 272

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Body Intelligence

All around us is energy, we are energy, thoughts are energy, everything is energy, and energy attracts energy.

Have you ever walked into a room or place and felt energized ?

Maybe you have that favorite outfit that makes you feel powerful ?

What about the blues, do you fins yourself in an unending pattern of unhappiness or anger.

What if you could harness these energies, tweak them to work for you or at least to learn to manipulate them so they don’t work against you.

The author of this book details how to recognize and develop new patterns to harness and divert these energies.

When I saw this book I admit I was thrilled to see a book on energies without some religious or mythical connection.

I believe, I have seen many times in my life proof that this is a truth.

There are places I go, where I get a strong sense of peace, strength, and melancholy.

After reading this I was able to see what I was drawn to.

I was naturally trying to balance myself without even knowing it.

Yes, I had many “A ha’ moments.

I loved the memory recall exercise best.

I was able to use several memories that evoked a feeling into my daily life pattern and side-step some quick draw reactions to frustrating situations.

I avoided the anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety so simply.

I also found the music energy section very helpful and changing some of my beats did change my energies.

Living can be stressful or it can be something else. T

his book directs you how to turn it towards that something else.

I’m working on implementing these tools and the many others into my daily life.

The only problem I had with this was that some of it just went over my head in details.

I had to re-read several sections very slowly to “get it” it was a new way of thinking and I’m not sure if it was the author or my mind patterns that made it a bit hard to read.

Because I had to re-read it slowly and take notes even at some points I was able to look deeper at the process he was describing.

Maybe it wasn’t such a negative after all.

Body Intelligence

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This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)


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