The 30 Day MBA in Marketing

Book Title The 30 Day MBA in Marketing
Author Name ‎Colin Barrow‎
Publishing house
‎Kogans Page‎
Country – city UK
Date of issue 2019
Number of pages 280

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About the book

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing provides a complete marketing ‘course’ spanning twelve disciplinary areas, and including hot topics such as: buyer behaviour, marketing strategy, promotion and advertising, pricing, managing the marketing organization and marketing and the law. Each chapter includes at least one practical real life example to illustrate how marketing concepts apply to business decision making.

Learn what they teach you on professional marketing courses and at the world’s top Business Schools and why it matters to you; eliminate gaps in your marketing knowledge and take part in business decision making on an equal footing with MBA graduates or your company marketing director.

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing includes detailed information on how to find and analyse market data on any business or market anywhere and online resources that enable you to test your own knowledge. It also provides an invaluable guide to finding further information and free resources on each topic covered.

Online supporting resources for this book include a bonus chapter on business communication, self-test question and answers and appendices.

This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)