The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It

Book Title The People vs. Democracy
Author Name Yascha Mounk
Publishing house Harvard University Press
Country – city USA
Date of issue 28 février 2018
Number of pages 328

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The People vs. Democracy provides an acute analysis of the rise in populist nationalism and the challenges to democracy in our time. If you’ve not heard of Yascha Mounk before, you definitely will in the future.–Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University

Yascha Mounk mounts a powerful argument that liberal democracy stands at a critical point. He shows that the forces of technology, economics, and identity are pulling our political systems toward one of two highly undesirable extremes: illiberal democracies run by populist demagogues and undemocratic liberalisms governed by technocratic elites. He points us wisely toward a domesticated, inclusive nationalism and a renewed civic faith. An important book that should be read widely. –Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

Yascha Mounk is sounding a tocsin that we must heed. Minority rights and majority rule are not irrevocably yoked together; as they diverge, the future of liberal democracy is in peril. Everyone worried about the state of contemporary politics should read this book. –Anne-Marie Slaughter, President & CEO, New America

The rise of authoritarian populism shows that we can no longer assume that liberal democracy is the wave of the future. So argues Yascha Mounk in this sobering and astute analysis of our current political moment. This splendid book is an invaluable contribution to the debate about what ails democracy, and what can be done about it. –Michael J. Sandel, Harvard University

Présentation de l’éditeur

From India to Turkey, from Poland to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. Two core components of liberal democracy individual rights and the popular will are at war, putting democracy itself at risk. In plain language, Yascha Mounk describes how we got here, where we need to go, and why there is little time left to waste.

This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)


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