Unicorn Tears – Why Startups Fail and How To Avoid It

Book Title Unicorn Tears – Why Startups Fail and How To Avoid It
Author Name Jamie Pride
Publishing house Wiley; Edición
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2018
Number of pages 200

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Unicorn Tears is the smart entrepreneur’s guide to startups. A full 92% of startups fail in the first three years ― but failure is not inevitable. Most of these companies self-sabotage, unconsciously eliminating any chance at success before they even get started. It’s not the economy, it’s not politics, it’s not external factors; failure comes from within. This book shows you how to be one of the unicorns ― one of the 8% who make it. Be prepared to un-learn everything you thought you knew about startups, as author Jamie Pride busts the harmful myths that lead so many companies to failure. Drawing upon his history as a venture capitalist, he reveals what investors want to see and hear, and what final factor puts your venture firmly into the “yes” column.

Pride understands what matters in startups, and what gets in the way; his Hollywood Method for start-up success gives you a proven formula based on the tried-and-true framework Hollywood uses to make movies that succeed around the globe. Case studies illustrate what success looks like on the ground, and brings a global perspective to successful entrepreneurship and the strategies that help your business grow.

This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)