Ain publishing

Ain publishing

  You may even house to meet this letter has adopted several strategic orientations of its conclusion: – invite the distinguished writers known for their originality of thought and handling prowess. – absolute accuracy in the selection of content versions to meet the needs of contemporary Arab reader is facing the most important questions posed
المركز القومي للترجمة
In 2006, the National Project for Translation (NPT) celebrated issuing 1000 Books. It is considered the most fruitful project in a long series of efforts exerted in the field of translation in our modern history. These efforts started with the establishment of Al-Alson School (School of Languages) in the opening decades of the nineteenth century
المكتبة الأكاديمية

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The reading of the most important to create a cultural awareness of the cultural communities, it is also a necessity of human interaction with the environment to create his own world. The role of libraries of all kinds, and the role of various publishing their careers is the best way to access the information, and
مكتبة ألف


ALEF’s mission is to create highly knowledgeable, intellectual, and well-read Arab communities throughout the world by developing a clearer understanding of customer needs and by providing customers with a combination of knowledge-propagating media.[/table] ALEF aims at creating the biggest online store, providing a professional service that allows customers to go through the books and to
دار نهضة مصر للنشر
NAHDET MISR GROUP founded in 1938 with a vision to empower the Arab reader and learner,the group has grown to become an icon of knowledge to all segments of the Arab world. What started off as a modest printing house has now become an essential provider of cultural development. The group has greatly developed over
دار الشروق
Long regarded as one of the most prominent and prestigious publishing houses in the Arab World, Dar El-Shorouk’s name has always been associated with integrity, quality, free thought and creativity. COMPANY HISTORY Dar El-Shorouk was established in 1968 by Mohamed El Moallem, one of the founding fathers of independent modern publishing in Egypt and the
أطلس للنشر والإنتاج الإعلامي

Atlas Publishing House

Atlas Publishing House was established as one of the projects of Atlas Group for Commerce PLC. as of 1999. The company specializes in publishing dictionaries as it did issue a group of dictionaries, known as “Atlas Dictionaries” that hit it big in the Arab World. Among these group was the first encyclopedic dictionary in the