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International Books Platform

International Books platform .." Is a new electronic media window to introduce new foreign books in various fields of knowledge, science, literature, thought, culture and development.. The platform  addresses more than 370 million people; the total numbers of the Arabic speakers.. It provides its services to a wide range of readers, intellectuals, writers, journalists, academics, researchers and translators in the countries of the Arab world.

The platform is the latest version of  " Mawhopon for electronic media"its Headquarter in Cairo.. it is a major project that aims to contribute to the publishing and availability of knowledge and the transfer of international cultures and encourage the translation movement into Arabic.. The Arab Book Market can accommodate thousands of translated books annually.

The plan for this project has been prepared for four stages in four years:

The first stageis launched in April 2017. It aims to introduce  the new books which issued in English, French and German languages . and focuses on the major publishing houses in the following countries: America, England, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Austria).

 The second stage: Starting in the beginning of 2019, it aims to introduce the new books in Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Scandinavian languages.

 The third stage: Starting in the beginning of 2020, it aims to introduce the new books issued in the Near East languages such as Turkish, Persian, Hebrew, Indian and  Urdu.

 The fourth stage: Starting in the beginning of 2021, it aims to introduce the new books issued in the Far East languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Why International Books Platform ..!?

for promoting  translation and transfer of cultures  and knowledge.

for disseminating  and availability of science and the inspiration of arts and literature.

Our goal is to introduce the new foreign books.

We address more than 370 million Arab readers.

We care about the intellectuals, researchers and translators.

Our slogan .. Our goal

To know the Arab reader every new book published in the world