Design Your Life: Former Ikea Executive Shares Her Tools for Personal Success

Book Title Design Your Life
Author Name Pernille Spiers-Lopez
Publishing house Beyond Words; Paperback Original edition
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2014
Number of pages 288

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Don’t spend your whole life searching for the right job; make it the most important job to design the right life.

Pernille Spiers-Lopez left Denmark for the United States as a young, naïve entrepreneur. Years later, she became CEO of IKEA North America and then Global HR manager for 130,000 employees. But she soon learned—staring at the roof of the ambulance that was rushing her to the ER—that the job had a price.

So this is success. I am away from my family, my children, and my life. This can’t really be success

In Design Your Life, follow Pernille on her journey of personal struggle and triumph. Be with her as she climbs out of her own self-denial and darkest day.

Watch her summon the focus and strength within to carve out a life by design and discover a more balanced paradigm of living, one in which success is defined not by how much money we make but by our personal leadership and commitment to ourselves and others.

This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)