Kindheit in Trümmern

Book Title Kindheit in Trümmern
Author Name Barbara Warning
Publishing house Ravensburger Buchverlag
Country – city Germany
Date of issue 2015
Number of pages 192

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This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)

Does time really heal all wounds? 70 years after the end of the Nazi dictatorship and World War II, contemporary witnesses recall their childhood experiences between 1939 and 1955. 

How did they survive the hardships of flight and displacement? How did families organise their everyday lives in bombed-out cities? How did they manage to procure the bare necessities to survive in those years of need and deprivation? 

In interviews and reports, contemporary witnesses describe their experiences in detail. The deep marks war and deprivation have left on those who passed through the most formative years of their lives during this difficult time become apparent. History comes to life in individual stories, while the generational perspective makes events comprehensible for young readers in particular. In addition, the book also opens readers’ eyes to the fate of today’s children of war and reminds us of the importance of working towards a more peaceful world.


This post is also available in: ar العربية (Arabic)


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