One Discipline, Four Ways: British, German, French, and American Anthropology

Book Title One Discipline, Four Ways
Author Name Fredrik Barth (Author), Andre Gingrich (Author), Robert Parkin (Author), Sydel Silverman 
Publishing house University of Chicago Press
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2005
Number of pages 408 

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One Discipline, Four Ways offers the first book-length introduction to the history of each of the four major traditions in anthropology—British, German, French, and American. The result of lectures given by distinguished anthropologists Fredrik Barth, Andre Gingrich, Robert Parkin, and Sydel Silverman to mark the foundation of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, this volume not only traces the development of each tradition but considers their impact on one another and assesses their future potentials.

Moving from E. B. Taylor all the way through the development of modern fieldwork, Barth reveals the repressive tendencies that prevented Britain from developing a variety of anthropological practices until the late 1960s. Gingrich, meanwhile, articulates the development of German anthropology, paying particular attention to the Nazi period, of which surprisingly little analysis has been offered until now. Parkin then assesses the French tradition and, in particular, its separation of theory and ethnographic practice. Finally, Silverman traces the formative influence of Franz Boas, the expansion of the discipline after World War II, and the “fault lines” and promises of contemporary anthropology in the United States.

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This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)