A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism

Book Title A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism
Author Name Eric Hayot and Rebecca L. Walkowitz
Publishing house Columbia University Press
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2016
Number of pages 320

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A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism

A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism is an exciting roadmap for 21st-century ways of reading the aesthetics of a world always already globalized.

Its creative mixture of old and new modernist vocabularies—e.g., form; slum; alienation; puppets; war; libraries–suggests innovative ways of reading the global in the local, the cross-cuts of multidirectional mobilities, the perpetually indigenizing processes of all modernisms. Resisting diffusionist, regional, or additive approaches, the book shifts the paradigm for reading globally.

A must read in the field!

Susan Stanford Friedman, author of Planetary Modernisms: Provocations on Modernity

Across Time

This brilliant collection of essays responds to perhaps the most urgent need in the scholarship on modernism—a guide and a set of terms that take us beyond the high modernist norm and induct readers into a world in which modern art and literature operated in a truly global public sphere.

Written with clarity and intelligence, the book makes modernism appear new, again.
Simon Gikandi, Robert Schirmer Professor of English, Princeton University
The global turn in modernist studies constitutes not so much an expansion as an explosion.

With received coordinates – geographic, temporal, national – obsolete, the field is unmappable.

But if everything is modernism, nothing is. Enter A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism to articulate nodal points in a global network of modernism, making possible acts of provisional yet critical definition that serve not as gatekeepers but portals to a newer modernist studies.

Mark A. Wollaeger, Vanderbilt University


Eric Hayot is professor of comparative literature and Asian studies at the Pennsylvania State University.

He is the author of The Elements of Academic Style (Columbia, 2014), On Literary Worlds (2012), and The Hypothetical Mandarin (2009).

Rebecca L. Walkowitz is professor of English and affiliate faculty in the comparative literature program at Rutgers University.

Her books are Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature (2015) and Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism Beyond the Nation (2006), both published by Columbia University Press.

A New Vocabulary for Global Modernism

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This post is also available in: العربية (Arabic)

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