The Origin of the Virus

Book Title The Origin of the Virus
Author Name Paolo Barnard , Dr. Steven Quay , Prof. Angus Dalgleish
Publishing house Clinical Press Ltd.
Country – city USA
Date of issue 2021
Number of pages 138

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The Origin of the Virus is the first book to concentrate on the two most pressing issues the community of nations has had to contend with since the end of the two World Wars: where did the gravest global health crisis in one hundred years came from? And why did China withhold information that could have spared the lives of untold numbers the world over? In the book an award winning journalist teams up with two scientists of unquestioned international repute to examine the evidence. This book is a shocking account of the extreme experiments, of the cover-ups and of the collusions that led to the outbreak of the worst pandemic since the 1918 Spanish influenza and broadens the censure to include the American and British scientists who thwarted a proper investigation of the origin of COVID-19. The Origin of the Virus was written by award winning Italian journalist (Paolo Barnard) and two eminent scientist/doctors: from the USA, Dr. Steve Quay, and from the United Kingdom, Professor Angus Dalgleish. Despite its impeccable scientific grounding the book is both a readable and gripping account that for the first time allows the public to partake in what lies at the heart of the most deadly virus in modern times.

From a review in the Washington Times “The Origin of the Virus is a fascinating, quick read which does an outstanding job of explaining scientific practices, peer-reviewed results, and thought processes in layman’s terms.”